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FRESCO BOOKDo You Know The Plans
 God Has For You?

I believe that God has a perfect plan for you and is patiently 
waiting to help you discover it.


This book outlines 6 practical steps I believe will help you understand the purpose and plan for your life.

“Seek first the Kingdom” is the calling of every follower of Jesus, but it can be a challenge to apply this practically and specifically to areas of your life beyond religious commitment.  You probably know deeply that Kingdom-seeking means living and working with God so His will is done in all aspects of your life and work.

Most Christian Entrepreneurs know they are created to accomplish great things but struggle with knowing how to boldly move into the calling or how to even begin the process.  Even if they are clear on what they are to be doing, they often lack the resources required to make it happen in a professional way.
Fresco means “fresh” in Italian because it is a method of painting on a fresh coat of plaster. This ensures the painting becomes part of the wall itself.  Such a demanding and permanent method – one that must be completed with precision in only a few hours – requires poise and timing and a painstaking attention to preparation, design, and execution.

With this picture, God was impressing upon us what is required to join Him as He paints His vision for His children, both individually and corporately. We must do the preparation work to understand the masterpiece He is envisioning. From this, we must create an accurate design and commit to the faithful execution of what the Lord is revealing: First, the shape of what God is doing must be laid out, then every texture and detail must be added. All of this must be completed in the timing of our Father’s will, making every effort to get the picture right when things are still fresh and receptive to his vision.

God has a plan for all of us and being an artist Himself, it will unfold like a masterpiece when we truly seek Him. Fresco takes the subject matter of God’s purpose and plan in an Entrepreneur’s life and unwraps it in a way any true artist of the King can understand. The example of the Fresco art style leaves us with the rest-inducing assurance that our God is working in our lives and it will be something truly amazing. Great read! ~ Tony Thomas

When you complete the fresco process, you will…

  • Gain clarity about your unique purpose and calling
  • Build a solid foundation of virtues for your life and work
  • Establish a lifestyle of simultaneous peacefulness and readiness
  • Grow your confidence in recognizing God’s voice and leading
  • Work with God as you learn a daily spiritual rhythm
  • Experience more good fruit produced from your labor
  • Invite others to witness God’s work


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Joe was especially helpful to me in taking my visionary ideas and then clothing them, not just with graphics, but also in actual long range plans that could then be used to bring others into shared tasks of implementing those plans.

Zeb Bradford Long, Executive Director PRMI